One of the outstanding features of this new version is its seamless integration with Final Cartridge III+. With the innovative "Exit to Final III+ Desktop" feature, users can seamlessly switch between SpeedCalc 2019 and the Final Cartridge III+ desktop environment. This means you can effortlessly switch between tasks without missing a beat, streamlining your C64 desktop computing experience like never before. What's more, this integrated approach isn't limited to SpeedCalc; other productivity software such as EasyScript and terminal applications also feature the same Exit to Desktop feature, providing a consistent user experience across the board. Best of all, these enhancements can all be bundled together in the Final Cartridge III+ cartridge ROM, providing a comprehensive solution for your retro-computing needs.

But that's not all - SpeedCalc 2019 also brings improved performance to the table. With the addition of 2MHz support for the C64 mode of the C128, Commodore 128 owners can now enjoy increased speed and efficiency. Not only does this result in 25% faster execution, but recalculation times have also been reduced by a staggering factor of two, allowing users to crunch numbers and analyze data with unparalleled speed and precision.

SpeedCalc 2019, which is enhanced version by İlker Fıçıcılar, is available in two convenient forms: Cartridge and Normal PRG. The Cartridge version can be easily burned to an 8K EPROM or compatible devices such as EasyFlash, providing a plug-and-calculate solution for on-the-go computing needs. Whether you're a seasoned C64 enthusiast or a proud owner of the mighty C128, SpeedCalc 2019 is ready to take your productivity to new heights.

Don't miss out on the next chapter in the Commodore productivity software – download SpeedCalc 2019 today and experience the retrofuture of Commodore computing firsthand!

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