Recently, the Ozmoo Z-code interpreter received an exciting update, adding support for building games for computers equipped with dual 1571 drives. This development opens up a world of possibilities for Commodore 128 users, allowing them to enjoy games with file sizes of up to 512 KB. For enthusiasts of Infocom's larger titles, such as "Trinity," which weighs in at 256 KB, this update is particularly significant.

To fully leverage this capability, you'll need either two 1571 drives or a single 1571 drive paired with a RAM Expansion Unit (REU) of 512 KB or more on your Commodore 128 system. This ensures seamless gameplay and access to the expansive worlds crafted by Infocom and other developers with the updated Ozmoo Z-code interpreter.

But why stop at just one additional drive? For the utmost convenience in saving your progress, having an extra drive—whether it's a 1541, 1571, or 1581—can enhance your gaming experience. If you've ever questioned the need for three drives, now is the time to reconsider, as each drive serves a crucial purpose in maximizing gameplay efficiency.

Furthermore, if you happen to have an REU, Ozmoo Z-code interpreter can utilize it not only for Undo functionality but also as a scrollback buffer, enhancing your ability to navigate through the game's text and history seamlessly.

Excited to dive into this new frontier of text-based gaming? You can easily upload Z-code files and construct disk images using the Ozmoo Infocom interpreter platform, available at This streamlined process empowers creators and players alike to enjoy immersive adventures with ease.

To showcase the potential of this latest update, author Fredrik Ramsberg has crafted three captivating Inform 6 games, each ranging between 490 and 512 KB in size. These games promise hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation, especially when played on the Commodore 128's 80-column screen, which enables faster CPU performance and smoother gameplay.

Ready to embark on these thrilling adventures? You can download Ramsberg's collection of games . With the power of Ozmoo Z-code interpreter and the expansive capabilities of dual 1571 drives, the world of text-based adventure gaming has never been more enticing or accessible. So, grab your Commodore 128, load up those disk images, and prepare to lose yourself in a realm of imagination and challenge like never before.